The Podcast

The seeds of the podcast were planted years ago when Teresa interned for Margaret Prescod on “Sojourner Truth” on KPFK. After over two years of learning the ins and outs of radio broadcasting, she began planning her own internet-based radio show.   

Fast forward several years, in her role with the Welcome Baby program in L.A. County, and her contributions on the oversight partnership for the home visiting program, Teresa was providing leadership, team and individual coaching, and training for the staff in the program. She was reinforcing the lessons she taught in her workshops through an email blog. Due to high demand from not only the staff, but their own clients, the blog gained popularity - but many were lacking the time to read them in their hectic workdays. Teresa saw the need for an audio version of her content, and used the tools she gained from the KPFK radio show to create the podcast “A Mindful Moment.”

Almost simultaneously, Teresa was providing training to parents in Spanish-speaking communities and realized the incredible lack of mental health resources for these clients. She set out to have A Mindful Moment translated to make it available for all of her Spanish-speaking clients. The Spanish version of the podcast was born just a few months later.

A Mindful Moment has been Teresa’s labor of love since its inception. It was initially intended for a small audience, yet has grown to a large listener base - which shows that there is a great need for mindfulness and balance in our lives. It provides the perfect outlet for spreading the many benefits of mindfulness to a broader audience - with the ultimate goal of supporting people through personal transformation, and to encourage people to expand their perceptions to consider the greater good in all that they do. 

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