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Giving Thanks

Can we find gratitude in the midst of stress, blame and uncertainty?  Can we feel grateful for messed up holidays? Yes, we can!


We know we're supposed to stay apart, but many of us don't seem to be able to, despite the risks involved. There are alternative ways to connect, but can we do it?

What Now?

It's 2020, which clearly indicates that change and chaos are the norm, but with the U.S. elections behind us, what now? How do we begin to repair and progress? 

Our Scared Brains

What's one more anxiety-inducing event in a year like 2020? Actually, too much. Don't allow your scared brain to go unchecked.

It's not unnatural for we humans to blame others and aggressively defend our beliefs.  But what happens when that doesn't serve us?

We are SO OVER IT!

With month 8 of quarantine coming upon us, I think it is safe to say that we are all, collectively, over it. Listen in as we discuss what we've been up to, and how we are staying s...

Pandemic Fatigue

A lot of us are feeling it now.  Pandemic fatigue is setting in and can cause more suffering if we don't take steps to counteract it.  Tips on Zoom fatigue, too!  

With the disruption of daily life to the disruption of the government - social media seems to have infiltrated every aspect of our lives. But how can we change it? Listen in.

The Quarantine Fifteen

If you are starting to see the effects of snacking, drinking, and binge watching on the scale, maybe 

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