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Proactive or REACTIVE?

Yes, we have more waiting to do, but that doesn't mean we can't start mindfully taking proactive steps toward where we're going.   


If you're feeling like you're ready to give up at this point, you may want to consider surrendering instead. There's lots we can't control, but we can still learn how to live more ...

Flexibility is mandatory

The constant changes we're living with are no longer separate events but more of a new way of life for some time to come.  We explore how to shift our approach from resistance to a...

The Purpose of Purpose

Figuring out your life purpose isn't some new-age cliche', but serious business when it comes to your health and wellbeing. Join us for a deeper dive into the purpose of purpose.

Internal Guidepost

We know from studies that living a life with purpose results in more happiness and increased well-being, but could our own compulsive behaviors be preventing us from achieving that...

Living with Uncertainty

Building psychological resiliency may be the solution to facing uncertainty. Join us and our guest, Dr. Jill Stoddard, author of Be Mighty.


Are you wishing for things to return to normal?  What is normal?  Join us to explore our options.

New Beginnings

Ready or not, change is everywhere, but instead of focusing on external events, first consider looking inward to map your course to your new beginning.

Unsettling Emotions

These are definitely challenging times and we're all experiencing a range of feelings and emotions. Sometimes it helps to know that you're not alone and that we're all experiencing...

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