Recently featured on Apple Podcasts as "COVID-19: Essential Listening for Cultivating Calm"

Consistently ranked in the top 50 Mental Health Podcasts


“What a welcome blessing of well articulated and practical wisdom, a portal to healthy ways to progress mindfully and gently through life and self. A great threshold to begin the process. Many gratitudes!” ~ iTunes listener


“I love listening to these mindful gems, because it encourages us to think about how our behaviors affect others and how our own thinking can either help or impede us. The topics presented are thought provoking and refreshing.” ~ iTunes listener


"I am Brazilian. I live in the USA since 2000. I listen to your podcasts everyday for 1 hr 40 min. Words are not enough to express how much your podcasts have been helping myself not only with the COVID19, but also with my struggling. Thank you for your wonderful work! ❤️" ~ Facebook follower






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